Splendours of South India Splendours of South India Splendours of South India Splendours of South India Splendours of South India Splendours of South India Splendours of South India

Splendours of South India

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From the Great Vijayanagara Empire in Deccan to the stunning tropical Malabar region

Discover the hidden gems of historical Deccan Plateau dotted with splendid UNESCO World Heritage Sites from the medieval era of Chalukya & Vijayanagar Empire. The massive wealth and power of the Vijayanagar Empire have been revealed through several archaeological excavations. Making your base in Chikmagalur, visit the Hoysala architectural masterpieces of Belur and Halebid. Explore the tropical jungles teeming with exotic wildlife in a well-preserved Kabini National park. Walk in the fragrant coffee plantation of Wayanad. Interact for engaging moments with local tribal people for a friendly experience to enjoy their simple hospitality.
From the Great Vijayanagara Empire in Deccan to the stunning tropical Malabar region
A fascinating visit to the Royal Palace in Mysore especially in the evening when it is lit in spectacular lights is a sight to behold. A visit to spice and incense market and insightful time at sacred old temples makes the sightseeing rich and colourful. Driving over the beautiful Western Ghats, this tour concludes at the glorious golden beach of Malabar for few days of relaxation at a tranquil eco beach resort in the unspoiled coast of Kerala. Here you will also enjoy a lovely romantic cruise onboard, a traditional houseboat in the magical backwaters.
We have invested a lot of passion in creating this well-researched program for you. Our expert drivers and enthusiastic tour guides will assist you at every step of this rewarding journey. This life-changing journey of discovery will give you a different glimpse of South India. Our commitment always remains to deliver you the top quality professional services. Enjoy every moment of your holiday.
20 days
06+ Age
  • Destination
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    Midnight or Late night
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    Casual, comfortable and Light

Tour Itinerary : - Splendours of South India


Day 01: Arrive Mumbai

Arrive at Mumbai International airport. After completing the immigration and customs, proceed towards the arrival area. Meeting and assistance upon arrival with a traditional welcome of garlanding and transfer to the hotel (room being held from 1400 hrs).
Mumbai once a group of seven islands and over the century has been the most vibrant, commercial, industrial and center of theatre, art, music center of India which the British had acquired from the Portuguese in 1665 and handed it over to the East India Company in 1671.
Overnight in Mumbai

Day 02: In Mumbai

After a leisurely breakfast, set off to explore the financial capital of India, Mumbai.
The full day trip will include highlights like the excursion to Elephanta Caves followed by the visit of Gateway of India, Prince of Wales Museum and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.
This morning, you will be transferred to the Gateway of India to board the motor launch for an hour’s travel, the only way to access the Caves located 22 km of the coast of Mumbai. An amazing collection of 7th century rock cut caves containing a fine example of Hindu architecture. The beauty and power of these sculptures are dedicated to Shiva depicting the different manifestation of Shiva. We disembark at Gateway of India, built to commemorate the visit of King George and Queen Mary to India in 1911 and the only gateway available to India before the invention of air travel. This will be followed by the drive along the Marine drive, known as the Queen’s Necklace. The Jain Temples built of marble and dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankara. Take a drive via Tower of Silence – a round shaped stone building where the dead of Parsi people are placed and vultures come and eat them, also drive to Hanging Gardens which is constructed over Bombay’s reservoir.
We cannot miss the Dhobi Ghats a huge open-air laundry, followed by the visit Mani Bhawan (Gandhi Memorial), the house where the Father of the Nation stayed on his early visits to the city. We will wind up the day with the visit of Prince of Wales Museum, established in the 20th Century boasts of a significant collection of Indus valley artifacts and the miniature paintings – nearly 2000 of them are from various stylistic schools of India.
Return to the hotel
Overnight in Mumbai

Day 03, Mumbai to Hubli: Flight & Hubli to Badami: 130 km about 4 hrs

This morning, departure transfer to Mumbai airport to board the flight to Hubli, which is the closest airport to the Deccan Heritage of India.
Meeting on arrival at Hubli airport and drive to Badami – the grand and glorious city was fought over by the Chalukyas, Pallavas and Rashtrakutas for power and territory followed by the presence of Tipu Sultan in the 18th Century is now an obscure agrarian village. The city has many caves, temples, forts and water reservoirs or tank Badami which reveals its wit and wisdom.
Late afternoon, visit Badami caves – nestled between two giant outcrops of red sandstone are the famed Jain cave temples, overlooking a picturesque water reservoir. Sculpted out of solid rock, the temples are adorned with dwarfs, an 18-armed Shiva, a Nandi bull, Lord Vishnu and the goddess Durga. The famed Durga Temple represents the blending of southern and northern styles of architecture.
Overnight in Badami

Day 04, Badami to Hampi 150 km about 4 hrs – visit of Aihole and Pattadakkal

This morning after an early breakfast, we start the tour of Aihole, the first Chalukyan regional capital and mentioned as Ayyavole of Aryapura in the inscriptions. There are some 100 temples built between the 4th and 6th centuries AD. The city has preserved many monuments that date back to the 5th century AD and is believed to be the origin place of Indian temple architecture style and also the place where the first temples were built, different from the rock-cut designs.
We proceed to Pattadakal, 19 km to the secondary Chalukyan capital between the 7th and 8th centuries located on Malaprabha Riverbank. The kings were crowned here and there are many temples which are constructed at the bottom of the hill and reflect a fine blend of North, South traditions along with Southern Dravidian style of temple architecture.
After the visit, we continue the drive to Hampi – a cosmopolitan kingdom founded in 1336 was born out of a resurgent Hinduism to prevent the incursions of Delhi Sultanate into the Deccan. Unreal and enchanting, the forlorn ruins of Hampi is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you are mesmerized by the vagaries of nature.
Overnight in Hampi

Day 05, In Hampi:

This morning after a leisurely breakfast we explore the magical ruins of Deccan Plateau. The ruins of the city are found in a picturesque landscape with enormous boulders and the monuments belong to the 16th Century, during the period of Krishna Devaraya. The empire is known to be greater than Rome with wealth and dominated the spice and cotton trade. The craftsmen with brilliant skills adopted the ingenious style and mixed it with the rocky and barren landscapes to make architectural masterpieces.
The ruins are along the road leading from Kamalapur to Hamp - three km down the road is the temple of Malyavanta Raghunatha Swamy, built in the Dravidian style. The Hampi Bazaar was known to be a "beautiful street with beautiful houses". The Virupaksha Temple contains the shrines of Shiva, Pampa and Bhuvaneswari located at the western end of the famous Hampi Bazaar has a 120 feet tall tower on its eastern entrance. The style of work dates back to the 11th or 12th century.
The Vithala Temple Complex with its 56 musical pillars is the highlight of Hampi. The 16th Century temple stands amidst the boulders 2 km from the Hampi Bazaar. The temple’s showcase piece is the ornate stone chariot which stands in the temple courtyard.
The other surprises of Hampi are the King's Balance where money or gold was used to weigh the kings and then the same was later given to the poor, the Queen’s Bath, which is a swimming pool with 6 feet depth and 50 feet length built with arched corridors. Few others are the two-storeyed Lotus Mahal, Elephant Stables, Maha Navami Dibba, Mustard Ganesh - a 9 feet tall single stone statue also known as Sasivikalu Ganesha and the Noblemen’s Palace.
Overnight in Hampi

Day 06, In Hampi:

This morning, we start early as we hike to Matanga Parvata to capture charming sunrise as the sun gently rises above from the rocks and spreads its colours of morning. This hill is considered to be the tallest in Hampi. The complete 360-degree view of the area along with the Tungabhadra River which flows between the barren valleys and gigantic boulders. The hills will be wrapped by a green layer of tropical trees and vast plantation farms.
The afternoon is at leisure or to further explore the area of Hampi as it has much to offer.
Overnight in Hampi

Day 07, Hampi to Chikmagalur 300 km about 8 hrs

This morning after a very early breakfast, drive to Chikmagalur and en route stop to visit Chitradurga the fort located at the foot of a cluster of granite hills Nayaka kings built this city in the 17th century. Haider Ali demolished the mud fort and built a stone fort and his son, Tipu Sultan expanded by building a mosque, palace, granaries and many more.
Overnight in Chikmagalur

Day 08, In Chikmagalur – Excursion to Belur and Halebid:

This morning after a leisurely breakfast, we head for a full day excursion to Belur and Halebid.
Belur and Halebid are the sacred temples built by the Hoysala dynasty. The temples date back to the 12th century and are live examples of the development of Hindu culture. The brilliance of the sculptural art of the Hoysala dynasty can be imagined by looking at the interior and exterior of these temples. Belur’s Chennakeshava Temple and Halebid’s Hoysaleswara Temple (Halebid Temple, the largest monument of Hoysala) are remarkable for their architecture.
Overnight in Chikmagalur

Day 09 : Chikmagalur to Mysore : 185 km about 4 hrs

This morning after an early breakfast, we drive to Mysore with en route stop for photoshoot at Shravanabelagola - the oldest and an important center of Jain pilgrimage in India. The place has a huge naked statue of Bahubali (Gomateshvara) which is 17m tall and is one of the largest monolithic statues in the world.
After the photo stop at Shravanabelagola, we continue the drive to Mysore – an ancient city with more than 600 glorious years of legacy with its glittering royal heritage, bustling markets, palaces, cosmopolitan culture. It is famous for its silk and sandalwood.
Late afternoon, we proceed with the visit of Chamundi Hill Temple and Nandi Bull.
Evening visit the colorful market in Mysore popular for the sandalwood incense and spices and later marvel at the Mysore palace (the Palace is lit up on Sunday evening)
Overnight in Mysore

Day 10, In Mysore: Mysore to Kabini: 60 km about 2.5 hrs

This morning, we start very early for an excursion to Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary – (30 km/approximately 1 hr drive)
Later we visit Srirangapatnam.
Return to Mysore.
This afternoon, excursion to Somnathpur.
Overnight in Mysore

Day 11, Mysore to Kabini: 60Km about 2hrs

This morning after a leisurely breakfast, we proceed to explore the magnificent Mysore Palace built by Tipu Sultan and was architectured by Henry Irwin. The palace built in Indo-Saracenic style, is centrally located in Mysore, facing Chamundi Hills dominates the city’s skyline.
After the visit, we head to Kabini National Park – located on the north of the Kabini River. The national forest has grassy woodland, swampland, deciduous forest, bamboo forest and full of wildlife. This national forest is considered to be the best natural habitats for Asian elephants and the park is home to several species including, gaur, chital, sambar, four-horned antelope, muntjac, pangolin, flying squirrel, langur, Indian porcupine, bonnet macaque, etc.
We will reach the destination only by late afternoon. This afternoon, we have included the walk around the resort.
Overnight in Kabini

Day 12, In Kabini:

This morning boat safari (which is always shared). This pocket boasts the highest grand old Asiatic elephants.
We return to the hotel for breakfast.
Late morning, we proceed to visit the villages around or do nature walk around the plantation with the naturalist.
Late afternoon, we set out to explore the wildlife in the jungle in a vehicle (shared).
Overnight in Kabini

Day 13, Kabini to Wayanad: 120 km about 3 hrs

Early morning embark on another safari through the Wildlife sanctuary.
Return to the hotel for breakfast.
After breakfast, drive to Wayanad – Wayanad, clean, pristine, enchanting and hypnotizing is nestled among the mountains of the Western Ghats is filled with history and culture is located at a distance of 76 km from the seashores of Kozhikode. This hill station is packed with greenery, forests, plantations and wildlife. Wayanad Hills form a massive landmass so that the wildlife can freely move and get shelter in the natural habitat. Late afternoon, visit the coffee and tea estate, tea tasting and visit Tea Factory(the factory is closed on Monday).
Overnight in Wayanad

Day 14 : In Wayanad:

After a leisurely breakfast, we set out to explore the Neolithic Cave site of Edakkal (closed on Monday). Edakkal means “a stone in between.” These caves have attracted the attention of historians and archeologists all over the world due to their impressive prehistoric rock etchings.
The walk to the base of the cave is picturesque with coffee and spice plantations on either side intermingled with wilderness.
This afternoon is at leisure to soak yourself in the beauty of nature.
Overnight in Wayanad

Day 15, Wayanad to Payannur 140 km about 4 hrs

After an early breakfast drive up to the boarding point or the jetty on the Tejaswani River and embark The Lotus houseboat for the cruise.
After a welcome drink, you will be taken to your room, either Sukhima (‘Happiness’) or Lalima (‘Beauty’), to relax and settle in. Your cruise today covers about 25 km of the Valiyaparamba backwater, a large inland lake, and includes a visit to a village coir factory. Here brightly coloured houses can be seen peeping through the dense fringe of languid palms that line the waterfront. The village’s main source of income is producing the coir fiber from coconut husks that are used to make twine, mats and mattress stuffing.
The cruise continues with a visit to Monkey Island. Later, you will enjoy a short walk through a quaint village and you will reach a thick forest that is occupied by several monkeys who are friendly in behavior. In the middle of the forest is located a shrine that is devoted to the Naga snake deities.
Overnight onboard the Houseboat

Day 16, Lotus houseboat to Neeleshwar 5 km about 15 minutes

This morning after breakfast disembark from the houseboat and drive to the resort - Neeleshwar Hermitage, set in a secluded palm grove beside the Arabian Sea.
Neeleshwar Hermitage, a beautiful property located amongst the unspoiled beaches of Northern Kerala. Built in accordance with the architectural principles of Kerala Vastu, the property has 18 Thatched Cottages, all with sea, pool or garden views.
Late afternoon, visit a local market to the Krishna Temple for the Aarti Ceremony, which is generally performed several times a day.
Overnight in Neeleshwar

Day 17, In Neeleshwar:

This morning after a leisurely breakfast, we venture out on a gentle walk (2 km) along the beach to Turtle hatchery Farm. Rest of the day is at leisure to enjoy the facilities of the resort.
Overnight in Neeleshwar

Day 18, In Neeleshwar:

This morning, we start early - cherish some moments watching the famous Theyyam Sacred Performance which is Kerala’s ritual dance full of colours. The dance represents the significance of worship of ancestral spirits and the heroes.
After witnessing the sacred dance recital, we return to the hotel for breakfast.
Rest of the day is at leisure to enjoy the facilities of the resort.
Overnight in Neeleshwar

Day 19, In Neeleshwar:

This day you are at leisure – to enjoy the facilities of the resort or can even spend time at the serene beach, which is unspoiled.
Overnight in Neeleshwar

Day 20, Neeleshwar to Mangalore: 90 Km about 3 hrs & Mangalore to Mumbai: Flight

This morning you are at leisure.
Later in the day depending on your flight schedule, you will be transferred to Mangalore airport to board flight to Mumbai for your onward international flight back home taking back fond memories of the trip Splendors of South India.

Splendors of South India


Mumbai to Belgaum : Flight

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  ✓ Full day sightseeing in Mumbai on Day 02
  ✓ Departure transfer in Mumbai on Day 03 - from the hotel to the airport on Day 03
  ✓ Beginning with the pick from Hubli airport on Day 03 till drop at Payannur to board the Lotus houseboat on Day 15.
  ✓ Departure transfer from Lotus houseboat to Neeleshwar Hermitage on Day 16
  ✓ Departure transfer from Neeleshwar hermitage to Mangalore airport on Day 20
• Meet and greet services at Mumbai only.
• One time entrance fees for all monuments/temples/parks at each place as per program.
• Excursion to Elephanta Caves on Day 02
• 01 shared Boat safari in Kabini National park.
• 02 shared Vehicle safari in Kabini National park with English Speaking Naturalist.
• Services of English speaking local guides (different guides in each city) as per the itinerary:
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  > Day 04        Half day in Badami
  > Day 05        Full day in Hampi
  > Day 06        Full day in Hampi
  > Day 08        Full day in Chikmagalur
  > Day 09        Half day visit of Sravanbelagola
  > Day 10        Full day in Mysore
  > Day 11        Half day in Mysore
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