Zip Lining

An adrenaline-rushing, thrilling journey over the valleys or gorges, speeding through wide blue skies through an ultra-strong metallic wire of steel, zip lining is among the most sought after adventurous activities. Brace yourself for this goose-bumping journey where the trainer will instruct you.This is a unique and exhilarating aerial journey between hill forts and ridge tops, during which you fly down a series of ultra-strong cables or zip lines, attached by a harness and pulley. Trained instructors accompany you at every stage to ensure your safety and to entertain you with their knowledge of local history, culture and ecology. The tour starts with a climb up the side of a hill fort or palace, followed by a safety briefing.


The highest Indian fort, Mehrangarh Fort offers incredible zip lining experience. The largest fort of Rajasthan is one of the most sought-after zip lining spots all over the country. The fort has 6 zip lines and the tour limits to 2 hours. Exclusively for adventure lovers, zip lining at Mehrangarh Fort is an adrenaline-pumping activity which attracts tourists from all over. Since the fort is highest in India, so are the challenges of taking this zip lining. Glide over the opulent fort with breathtaking, bird-eye views of Blue City. This exciting activity is only for those who are above 10 years and weigh less than 115kg.
This adrenaline-fuelled ride down is in the backdrop of historical architecture and open panoramic space.