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The island country, shaped as teardrop surrounded by the Bay of Bengal, dotted with palm-fringed, golden sandy beaches with turquoise water, nourished by cool breezes from Arabian Sea, tropical climate, timeless ruins, archaeological sites, trumpeting elephants, exceptional wildlife, flavoursome tea, rich aromatic cuisine, enchanting Buddhist vibes, spice gardens, Sri Lanka is a rainbow of different cultures and ethnicities, making it a wonderful place for the travelers all through the year. The old-world charm of churches and 16th century Galle Fort are reminiscence of the colonial era which left lifelong impressions on the heart of the country which can be clearly seen in the architecture. A culture is more than 2,000 years old, Sri Lanka has been held by Portuguese, Dutch and then British (who formed Ceylon) till its independence in the year 1948.


Surrounded by water with a coastline of approximately 1,340km, the steep river canyons, and crisscross network of mountains, Sri Lanka experiences a climate ranging from quite hot to tropical with monsoon bringing rainfall. A varied terrain composed of flatlands, irregular lagoons, a large amount of the country’s landmass is covered by forests. From the highest point Pidurutalagala, standing at 2,518m height to the lowest at the Indian Ocean at 0m, the uneven topography of the country has several deep gorges and valleys. A chain of limestone shoals connects the country to India known as Adam’s Bridge making it look like the country is hanging by a thread. A biodiversity full of unique flora and fauna which is known for its elephants and Sri Lankan leopard, this country has a total of 26 national parks and several wildlife sanctuaries.

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