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Nepal, a heaven for adventure lovers, land of Siddhartha (Gautam Buddha), home to several ancient monasteries, is the country known for elegance of nature with varied geography. A country where Hinduism and Buddhism breathe parallel and the fusion of both cultures present harmonious synchronization; Nepal is every traveler’s dream destination with 10 heritage sites. Homeland of endangered rhinos and tigers at Chitwan National Park, this country is jeweled with the world’s largest peak Mount Everest, standing silently, covered with snow which attracts trekkers and mountaineers from all over the world, being a matchless trekking paradise. Strolling in Kathmandu through the ancient squares and breathing in a spiritual environment is an enchanting experience. The heart-stopping views of Pokhara, village life of Newari and hustle-bustle of Namche Bazaar, the country is dipped in the syrup of tranquility with every drop offering a unique experience of culture and heritage.


From rugged terrains to plains with extreme climatic situations in Himalayan Range to grasslands (world’s tallest grasslands) and wetlands sprawling across a wide area, Nepal is landlocked, having borders with India and China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. From perpetual snow to tropical, it is astonishing to know that the country being small in size composes eight climatic zones in its topography due to massive variation in altitude, making it a wonderful place to visit. This Himalayan country displays a diverse flora and fauna, having 4% of mammalian species, 8% of bird species and around 2% of flower species of the entire world in its conserved areas and forests. From the highest summit to the deepest gorge in the world, this country has a magnetic charm that spellbinds every traveler.

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