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TAWANG – The Buddhist Frontier

Tawang is a gorgeous Himalayan town in Arunachal Pradesh. Beautiful waterfalls, lakes, monasteries, and more with backdrops of mountains look gorgeous. When I first looked at pictures of Tawang on the Internet, I fell in love. So, I planned my vacations in this stunning yet peaceful town.

Tawang does not have any rail or air connection with other states, the only way to reach Tawang is by road. I first reached Assam, Tezpur. From here I took a Bus. There are options like Jeep or Private cars from Tezpur as well as Guwahati to reach Tawang.

Before I take you to various places to explore in Tawang, let’s know about Tawang

Tawang is surrounded by Bhutan in the west and south and by China in the North. The city is located 1000 ft above sea level and has stunning landscapes. Initially, it was part of Tibet, later it became British-Occupied India according to the Shimla agreement. The agreement between India and Tibet which was later occupied by China disregarded the agreement. On the recommendation of the 5th Dalai Lama, Tawang Monastery was built, which is the second largest in the world. The city is nothing short of a beautiful natural attraction and has a strong influence on Tibetan culture yet a beautiful part of India.

On my way to Tawang, I crossed Sela Pass., one of the best and highest motorable passes in India. With breathtaking views and beautiful mountains with Buddhist flags that look vibrant. You will feel the vibe of the place right from here.

Tawang Monastery

When I first stepped foot here, I was mesmerised by the beauty of the city. My First stop was Tawang Monastery, the main attraction of the city. The monastery was located on a hilltop, so reaching there was one of the most adventurous experiences. When I reached there, I realised why it’s the world’s second-largest monastery. The majestic appearance with a large entrance and huge mountain backdrops is a sight to sore eyes. Established in 1680, it is home to 400 monks currently. The beautiful religious objects, old manuscripts, and artefacts from Tawang and Tibet, all combined with a calming atmosphere is soulful to visit. Amidst nature, this stunning and peaceful place is worth visiting. I spent a few hours exploring the monastery and absorbing the environment, then went to my next stop.

Tawang War Memorial

The next place was the Tawang War Memorial, trust me it will give a different feeling to the patriot in you. The memorial is built in memory of Indo-China war soldiers in 1962. It has Satupa and the best part is the names of the soldiers. Yes! Names of 2420 Indian Soldiers who fought bravely in the war for our country are engraved here. I also saw some artefacts from the war that were preserved. For me, it was a strong love towards my country and gratitude towards soldiers that I believe every Indian would feel here.

After feeling the patriot in me, my next stop was Nuranang Falls or Jang Falls. One of the most stunning places I ever visited. The gorgeous mountains and green beauty, from there the magical water, was dropping. 2km from the city, the waterfall is a spectacular place you will visit in Tawang.

Twin lakes

The next trip was to Bum La Pass. On the way, I came across twin lakes- Sangastar Tso and Pankang Teng Tso, the stunning and most popular lakes of the city. The sparkling water with beautiful mountain backdrops is amazing to watch. I spent my time here absorbing the view and clicking pictures. There was a small cafe near the lake where I had some local snacks and tea. Of course! The world-known, Maggi in the mountains.

Apart from these destinations, the city serves some delicious local food that showcases Tibetan culture. If you are a food enthusiast, you must try the local food and visit the local market to buy some souvenirs for the trip. Unlike other places in cities, this place is calm and composed, you will feel stagnation here.

The trip to Tawang is food to your soul. I’m one of those who love to explore away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are one of those, then this place can offer you a lot.