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Flamboyant wildlife, rich historical heritage, festivals spreading colours of joy, rivers that are lifelines, mountains that stand majestically, Central India stands apart from other regions of the country being the heart of India. Starting from Gurajat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkhand to Orissa, Central India exposes a colourful spectrum of culturally vibrant and geographically vivid landmass which starts with the salt marshes of Rann of Kutch to peaceful coastlines of Orissa, passing through the thick forested areas of Madhya Pradesh.
From the world-famous tales of Mowgli written by Rudyard Kipling to architecturally creative and opulent monuments and forts, Central India is a cultural shock with world-class industrial towns to remote tribal villages unblemished, still living in mud-houses and living a simple-basic lifestyle. The astonishing paintings of Bhimbetka Caves dating back to Paleolithic and Mesolithic Period are one of the largest archeological complexes of Prehistoric times. Ajanta and Ellora Caves in Maharashtra and their inscriptions, murals highlighting Buddhism are still one of the most intriguing relics of the past known to humans. The fort of Gwalior is one of the most beautiful and attractive forts in Indian history.
Flora & fauna flourishes on a land blessed with rivers. Nature has honored Central India with Tapti and Narmada River supporting the life of Madhya Pradesh, Krishna Godavari and Bhima quenching the thirst of Maharashtra, Mahanadi and Indravati River passing through Chhattisgarh making it green, Ganges in Jharkhand. Gujarat and Odisha states being geographically dissimilar to the rest of the states of central region on either side enjoy the pristine beautiful beaches.


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    The grand, magnificent palaces of Orchha with mysterious yet impressive designs and carvings are a matter of surprise that how such structures are still standing with the same glory in today’s time whereas the noted Khajuraho Monuments with erotic carvings on them dating back to 950 AD make everyone scratch their heads in astoundingly. With a major focus on Madhya Pradesh in Central India, the surrounding states have marked themselves as significant when it comes to tourism in this region of the country.

     It goes without saying that this part of the country is noteworthy for its wildlife with flora and fauna which is rare of witness elsewhere. Be it Gir National Park which houses the glorious distinguished Asiatic Loins, Bandhavgarh or Kanha National Park which are much talked about because of their tiger conservation program. Taking a jungle safari in any of these parks and coming face to face with a lion or tiger in open is not only goose-bumping but is an act of extraordinary adrenaline rush.
    A cuisine mixed of salty and sweet punch, the main platter is a combination of several dishes including North India spiced up with their savory. Whereas Chhattisgarh shares almost similar taste with Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat leads with its spicy, salty and unique gastronomic scene. Poha flattened rice cooked with a variety of spices being the routine breakfast of Madhya Pradesh, Mumbai has its very own Pao Bhaji (pav) where the butter-soaked bun (pav) is relished with bhaji (veg stew) garnished to trigger the taste buds. 
    With round the year festivity at its peak, Central India celebrates some of the most iconic and culturally rich festivals which throng thousands of people. Whether it is a religious festival or any other ritual event; the intensity of the ceremony remains at the same devotion. Ujjain Simhastha (Ujjain Kumbh Mela) which marks its presence once in 12 years drives devotees from every corner. The Malwa Utsav and Khajuraho Dance Festival of Madhya Pradesh are acclaimed for its high spirited celebration. The other side International Kite Festival of Gujarat paints the sky with colourful kites and Rann Utsav brings Gujarat’s heritage in front of everyone. Odisha’s Rath Yatra (Chariot Festival) is one of the most religious events dedicated to Lord Jagannath while the Konark Dance Festival which lasts for five days is an example of the state’s tourism richness. Rajim Kumbh is another religious celebration that Chhatisgarh observes annually in 15 days. No doubt, festivals are an integral part of a nation’s heritage and Central India truly signifies it.

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    A mélange of cultures, the foundation of Central India is laid on ethnic diversity. A rainbow of celebration and festivals, mysterious folklore, archaeological relics, imposing forts, exotic temples and splendiferous flora & fauna, the jubilancy of this region is simply irresistible. The heartland of India owns an exceptional culture wrapped in the layers of riddles located, secluded in far-flung areas. Having ruled over by several empires, starting from the Gupta dynasty ending at the British regime, the ethnogeography diversity of this sphere is intertwined in time for centuries.
    Central India overflows with the delicacy of eclectic heritage that captivates everyone. Teeming with an abundance of natural biosphere immersed in the verve of folk dance & folk music, art, dance, trade and tradition. A lifetime experience-promising land, Central India is enriched with everything which a soul desires to feel. Submerse yourself in the heart of India!


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