Music and Crafts

Music and Crafts

Music and crafts are finely intertwined in veins of every Indian. The country is known for its incredible arts, be it in rudimentary forms of rock art and wall paintings in caves created by primitive men or present day creativity in the forms of handicrafts, artifacts which can be found in every nook and cranny. Moreover, music, arts and crafts represent the best way to understand the culture and tradition of the country which is found in the villages. These tours will take you on an artistic journey where you will not only get to see and learn about the arts but will also get to try your hand.


“Musafir” itself means wandering which reflects the reality of Hameed Khan “Kawa”, the founder, and his artists. They express their itinerant life through their music and the stage performances. As a nomad told to his son: “For us, to stay at the same place is to stop the rhythm of the universe and die”. Hameed Khan “Kawa”, a tabla player, draws his inspiration from his experiences in India and abroad.In Jaipur, he has created Jaipur Kawa Brass Band and Musafir, groups of traditional musicians from Rajasthan, with whom he has developed an innovative interpretation of Sufi music from the Thar Desert, by adding a new richness and warmth.
We can organize an authentic folk music evening with Hamid Khan and his troupe at his home near Jaipur with prior appointment. Hands on experience to play few instruments and practice ragas can be a great immersion in Indian culture.


Get to know about the ‘Blue Pottery in Jaipur, which features the use of blue glaze on pottery made from Fuller’s Earth. This art came to Rajasthan from Persia via Kashmir and has been accepted and flourished ever since in this desert region. The workshop we visit, gives you an excellent chance of knowing the art and understanding its contribution in uplifting the old techniques together with the local craftsmen and economy of the region. They are also happy to organize workshops with prior notice.


Just imagine an elephant being painted on a lentil-stunning!!! Umaid Heritage Art School near the bustling clock tower of Jodhpur is a gallery, with a collection of beautiful traditional filigree paintings. The founder of art school Mr. Vijay Prajapat is a genius artist. He is trying to popularize this special form of Rajasthani miniature painting. You can try your hands, if passionate for sketches, graphic charcoal work. He organizes and conducts workshop – takes immense pride in sharing his knowledge