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Intimidating mountains, thick vegetation spreading in limitless forested area, tribes that still breath here in full charm keeping sustainable pace with modern life, festivals that spark the celebration, cuisines that are tempting & delectable, culture that is diverse, states with their own languages, immersed in Buddhism, waterfalls dancing in the rhythm, the soothing melody of jungle; North East India is packed with wonders and exotic flora & fauna.   
The unexplored paradise of India, nestling in the Eastern Himalaya region, collectively called the Seven Sisters of India including the states Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Tripura and Sikkim; this culturally vibrant and unique region differs from the rest of the country. Covering an area of around 262,230 Km square, North East India touches the frontiers of Bangladesh, Tibet, Myanmar and Bhutan, resulting in a diverse composition of various cultures and traditions.
With a varied geography and demography, North Eastern part of India experiences various climatic zones. The freshwater of River Brahmaputra infuses the paddy fields with life while Kaziranga National Park provides natural shelter to the endangered Indian Rhinoceros (one-horned rhino).


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    A morning in the tree plantation estates of Jorhat and a night in Majuli (one of the world’s largest riverine islands) can give a thrilling experience for a lifetime. With the highest recorded rainfalls of Cherrapunjee to grasslands trailed in massive landmass, traveling to North East can be full of natural difficulties but the warmth and hospitality will take away your all tiredness. The notable Nathu La Pass of Indo-China Border is a widely accepted adventure destination whereas the picturesque, charming beauty of Gurudongmar and Tsomogo Lakes not only attracts nature lovers but also birds of various species. The border of Manipur and Nagaland form a paradise on the Earth as Dzukou Valley. The mountainous regions of states such as Sikkim, Meghalaya and Nagaland (Garo, Khasi and Jaintia), full of green lushness and mistiness is nothing less than a heavenly abode to sweep off your feet.
    An aromatic and delectable multi-cuisine platter, North East India treats its guests with a wide range of exquisite dishes. A bite of Nagaland’s pork chops and wild red rice along with Assam’s Tenga fish, the multifarious menu is flavorsome. Anthropologically, North East is inhabited by different tribes and ethnic groups, making this region a fusion of culture and cuisine. Naga, Kuki, Bodo, Khasi, Garo, Mizo, Dimasa, Angami, Tangkhul, Hmar, Kabri, Chakma, Rabha, Reang are some of the most affluent groups living here along with Nepalis, Bhutias and Lepchas. It is astonishing to find impressions of Bhutanese, Tibetan and Myanmar cultures on the communities of the North Eastern region.
    North East India is a land of vivid festivals that bring communities together to celebrate and showcase harmony. Hornbill Festival of Nagaland which is referred to as Festival of Festivals, Ziro Music Festival of Arunachal Pradesh, Bihu, Majuli Festival & Ambubachi Mela of Assam, Wangala Festival & Dree Festival of Meghalaya, with the thumping beats of drums and soprano vocals of folk songs, everything comes to life here. 

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      Sibsagar-Assam,Imphal-Manipur, Agartala & Unakoti-Tripura, Thembang Fortified Village-Arunachal Pradesh, Majuli Island-Assam, Bonus Destination, Living root bridges, Madan Kamdev, Meghalaya Caves

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      • Tea garden trails of Darjeeling & Assam
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    Tour of North Eastern India passing through valleys shimmering with Buddhist flags and snow capped mountains of Himalayan range.


    Arunachal Pradesh


    West Bengal



    North Eastern part of India is blessed with remarkable, exotic geography, wildlife and ethnicity. The seven sisters exhibit their unique cultural diversity along with an interesting history. All the states own compelling elegance which can woo adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers from all over the corners of the world. The awe-inspiring beauty and sui generis gastronomic experience is the most conspicuous feature. Being a part of India, this region looks different from the rest of the country.
    While most of the region is drenched in Tibetan Buddhism, there are tribes living in remote, isolation, thriving upon their traditional, ritualistic lifestyle, untouched by the outside world. The eco-friendly destinations and rare wildlife including endangered one-horned rhino, tea plantations, music, trekking routes to test your endurance, away from the cacophony of horns and traffic, North East region is a piece of freshness and purity. Shining prominently on the tourism radar of India; the beauty of North Eastern states blooms with vibrant glory.
    Immerse yourself in the horizon where the clouds look like cotton balls hung in the sky and the sun emerging out of the valleys, spreading its golden hues. This mixed bag of thrilling activities welcomes you with arms wide open!


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