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The Land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan is the only carbon negative country in the world. This last Himalayan kingdom encompassed by misty mountain sceneries where Gross National Happiness (GNH) far more important than GDP. Located in the foothills of Eastern Himalayas, this country boasts of incredibly colourful culture, magnificent architecture and happy people and that’s what Bhutan is known to the external world. A fairytale Shangri-La with quaint charm, nature has blessed Bhutan with unparalleled beauty, soaked in Buddhist traditions, where the sky is canopied by colourful Buddhist flags and the air enchants with the vibrations of Om Mani Padme Hum, monks spinning prayer wheels, this land is mysterious, magical and mystical. The capital city with no traffic lights, Thimphu and the breathtaking valleys of Paro make it a wonderful destination for travelers who seek peace and tranquility. Inhale the fresh air and imbibe yourself in the scintillating hues of Bhutan.


Rough, uneven terrains, enthralling valleys, steep mountains and small rivers define the landscape of Bhutan. A country landlocked between India and China, Bhutan is small in size, exhibits a diverse range of climate. Most of the valleys of the country are dotted with thin forest of oak and rhododendrons, grasslands and alpine shrubs. From the highest point of Kula Kamrgi at 7,554m to Drangme Chhu River which is as low as 97m, the landscape maintains a perfect balance in nature. Spread in an area of just 150km wide and 300km long, this mountainous country experiences tropical to semi-tropical climate with monsoon season along with cool winters and snowfall in some regions. Bhutan has around 30 to 35% of the area covered as protected or conserved areas (4 national parks with several natural reserves and wildlife sanctuaries), placing the country among the world’s most unique ecosystems.

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