COVID 19 Travel Tips

COVID 19 Travel Tips

SOP – Standard Operating Procedures & Guidelines

“Unprecedented times” – seems to be the phrase now!!!

The worldwide outbreak of Covid-19 has brought the world to a standstill, and tourism has been the worst affected. Covid-19 pandemic has changed the travel industry, which has taken a huge hit, and we have to start to rebuild and to gear up to welcome clients with all safety measures in place.Efficient operations on ground here in India with responsible delivery of services to highest degree of hygiene will be our collective endeavour and commitment.


Taking full pre-cautions in dealing with COVID-19 by implementing the below:
>  wearing face mask at all times   
>  use of the hand sanitizers to sanitize the hand when ever exposed to public places or areas
>  wearing of hand gloves when necessary
>  maintaining social distances – to remain atleast 1 metre apart   
>  no handshakes at all
>  upon check in at hotel, the clients will have to fill a form to declare the travel history

**** We strongly re-commend that the clients should bring their own masks, hand gloves and sanitizers. We will also be providing it to the clients should they need it here on arrival.


The hotels follow the guidelines issued by the Government and World Health Organization to handle COVID-19 – the health, safety and hygiene protocols are followed:

>  Mandatory use of protective gears i.e. masks, gloves, for all the staff members and suppliers while present at the hotel premises
>  Temperature checks upon entering the hotel each time you come from outside.
>  Deep cleaning, disinfecting the surfaces of common areas, guest rooms and restaurants using certified chemicals.
>  Disinfectant wipes to clean the doors or surfaces which are being used frequently.
>  Ensuring social distancing in lobby, restaurant and in any common areas.
>  Use of hand sanitizers in all areas including restaurants
>  Sanitizing of the client’s luggage both on arrival and departure
>  Sanitization of supplies received from the vendors.
>  Restriction of opening of swimming pool unless the proper guidelines are announced for the usage.
>  Proper sanitization done at the spa. Hygiene maintained at the spa.
>  Turn down service will not be provided – this will minimize contact
>  The seating arrangements during the meals will be staggered. The clients should maintain social distancing when taking food from the buffet.
>  Disinfectant wipes will be used to clean the tables during meals at regular intervals.
>  All hotels in India use hot press to iron the laundry, linen and bed sheets


Hygiene and safety protocols to be adhered to:

>  Mandatory use of protective gears i.e. masks, gloves, for all the staff members including crew(porters, drivers, cook, pony men) during the trekking and also during the stay in the camps
>  Providing of hand sanitizers, masks, gloves at the beginning of the stay in the camp or at the beginning of the trek
>  Use hand sanitizers before any meals and also after being exposed to any area
>  Regular temperature checks done by the accompanying guide
>  Deep cleaning, sanitization of the camp site, tents at regular intervals
>  Ensuring social distancing whilst trekking, having meals or during the activities
>  Sanitizing of the client’s luggage on daily basis
>  Sanitization of supplies received from the suppliers or vendors
>  The seating arrangements during the meals will be staggered
>  We will use hot press to iron the laundry, linen and bed sheets


We have taken all precautions towards COVID 19 – Hygiene is the key during travel.

>  The drivers will be using face masks at all times
>  Will drive wearing hand gloves
>  The vehicle will be disinfected, sanitized using government certified chemicals on regular basis
>  The doors, handles, glasses of the vehicle will be cleaned using disinfectant wipes.
>  The luggage of the clients will also be sanitized before putting them into the vehicle.
>  The vehicle will have hand sanitizers, face masks, hand gloves and the guests will be provided with good quality masks and gloves


>  The clients should carry their own travel insurance
>  The clients have to follow the travel guidelines given by WHO
>  To avoid venturing into crowded places
>  The clients should monitor the temperature or any other symptoms of COVID and should call for medical assistance immediately
>  At the monuments or at the places of visit, social distancing has to be maintained
>  We strongly re-commend that the clients have a valid VISA when they arrive.They should avoid VISA-ON-ARRIVAL. This will be good as they do not have to stand in long queues and also keep yourself clear out of the crowd


>  The clients will be first taken to the nearest medical help for the initial treatment
>  After the preliminary diagnosis, the clients will be shifted to a different location depending on the condition
>  The clients can contact their insurance company for guidance to cover the expenses incurred
>  We will provide all the support to the client and to the family travelling


>  At the airport, the clients will be screened thoroughly and we should extend all co-operations.
>  The clients have to go thru several scanning machines for check up of CORONA VIRUS.
>  Our tour manager/airport representative will be waiting for the clients at the main exit gate for assistance to vehicle and transfer to hotel.Tour briefing will be given the following morning while keeping all the social distancing norms in mind.
>  No handshakes at all. We will welcome the clients in our Indian traditional greeting style – “NAMASTE” namaste
>  The luggage of the clients will also be sanitised at the airport
>  There could be delays at the airport as there will be many checks and formalities
The next phase of all international travel will be of a close collaboration and respect of the rules and regulation to enjoy meaningful holiday with empathy for the local communities whose livelihoods are directly dependent on travel, hospitality and aviation Industry. More than ever travel will now make us realize the importance of relationships and experiences that we all cherish ultimately!!