September 2022

The second-most populated nation is full of wonders in all its richness and splendour! A fascinating amalgamation of diverse culture, exotic flora, alluring fauna, tranquil calmness, and serene spirituality. Here are a few necessary things to consider before visiting India

The Ganges is the largest and longest river in India with a significant religious significance. The river has its source in the Himalayas and empties out into the Bay of Bengal. Running across more than 1500 miles through some of

Visiting India will always be a unique experience. The reason for the amazing experience is not only because of the presence of the world’s tallest mountain or the best beaches. It is owing to the unadulterated combination of topographical bounty,

According to the sagas, Brahma-the God when defeating the demon Vajranabha of Creation dropped three petals of His divine lotus creating springs on the earth, and thus Pushkar emerged. This tiny Hindu pilgrimage city swirls around a sacred lake where