Heritage Walk

Heritage Walk

India’s unique cultural diversity and ancient heritage has helped it receive a great attention from all over the globe. The myriad of different customs and traditions intact in the country’s ethos attracts and invites people to take a dip in the cultural heritage of the country which has been in existence since time immortal. Be it the cuisines which define a place and its people or any monument which narrates the history of its glory, strolling through the streets of a village or market or walking to a religious site; we have personally curated and designed heritage walk tours to take you through the hidden face of the country.


We embark on a two-hour heritage walk to feel the delightful vibes of the city of Charminar covering Badshahi Ashurkhana, Pathargatti, Mir Alam Mandi Market, Gulzar House, Laad Bazaar, Charminar and Mecca Masjid. The walk covers about 2 km through colorful streets which are full of life. During the walk, we will also be introduced to 16th-century mourning place with beautiful mosaic tiles, 100 years old long street built by stone famous for fabric, textiles and imitated jewelry, colourful vegetable and spice market, typical Hyderabadi bangle street and finally reach 16th century Charminar. The walk goes through Char Kaman (4 gateways built in the 16th century by Persian Kings).


Set up in the by lanes, the Heritage Walk will take us through the art district located in the ‘Chowk’ the oldest market place of Lucknow to shop for the unique crafts of this Nawabi City. We walk thru the lanes of Chowk called ‘Gol Darwaza’ – a place that was once a seat of numerous ‘Kothas’ (a small entertainment studios where nautch girls performed in the evenings) now is a market place that is known to house the best of handicrafts and Chikan work. A heritage walk here will showcase the culture of this fabled city and take you into the bygone era. Operates every day except Thursday.


Early in the morning, a palanquin (Palki) gilded with gold and silver is prepared for bringing Shri Guru Granth Sahib from the Akal Takht and laid in the Palki. The head priest (head Granthi) appears with Guru Granth Sahib Ji on a cushion on his head. Hymns accompanied by drums, nagaras fill the air with rhythm, music and piousness. Within half an hour the worshippers reach the Darshani Deorhi along with Shri Guru Granth sahib. The head priest reverently carries Guru Granth Sahib in the inner chamber. The departure of Palki Sahib from Sri Akal Takhat Sahib happens at 4.30 am. This would mean an early start from the hotel around 03.45 am.


The Dabbawalas of Mumbai have been delivering food from homes to workplaces for the past 126 years. We take a look into the life of Dabbawallahs ‘the cool superheroes of the city’, having a six sigma certificate too for their supreme efficiency. In the beginning, it was all informal and individual effort. The journey of Mumbai Dabbawalas has been a fascinating one, where they have proved their mettle over and over again. Every day, battling the traffic and crowds of Mumbai city, the Dabbawalas, also known as Tiffinwallahs, unfailingly deliver thousands of dabbas to hungry people and later return the empty dabbas to where they came from. We take a look into the system of smooth delivery of hot food and also sneak peek into their life. Enjoy time at Gateway of India.


The morning walk of the Blue City of Jodhpur quenches the thirst of exploration – be it a curious traveler, a photographer, history or culture lover or explorer. The walk is around the 15th century, historic town of Jodhpur through beautiful temples, busy markets and famous blue Havelis. The feel from the books comes alive when you pass through the walls of the old city which have been marked by the colors of history. The duration of the walk is around 3 hr and the highlight of the walk is to visit a local blue house for tea and peep into the lifestyle.


Walking through the city lanes of Agra leaves one absorbed by the aroma of the different spices, various food stalls and the overall diverse cuisines of the city. Be it while looking at the century-old spice shops at Rawatpada or sample treats at a 200-year-old sweet shop, it is a wonder how different spices and flavours blend into the living history of the city. We also walk you through the era of Mughals and witnessing the rural side of Agra across the Taj Mahal. Visit some of the lesser-known but marvelous monuments of Gyarah Sidi, the Humayun Mosque, and Mehtab Bagh. This visit to the rural India allows you to interact with the friendly villagers busy in the daily chorus. The tour lasts for around 3 hrs. 


A storytelling walk exploring the lanes, streets and temples of Madurai; stories that span the length of time – some set a millennia ago and some of a more recent vintage; stories that zigzag the obscure lines separating history and myth; stories of people who made Madurai, and of those who were her undoing; stories of fickle kings and towering monuments, of whimsical Gods and extraordinary mortals; stories that take you behind the scenes for a glimpse into the city’s heart. We start from the North Tower entrance of the Meenakshi Temple. The walk commences in the morning at 0700 hrs and the evening at 1600 hrs and the duration is for 3 hrs.


Walkthrough the potter village of doll making that plays host to many Gods, all made of clay. Watch villagers turn creators as their hands’ fashion mud dolls, stand amazed at their dexterity as they gently pack hundreds of dolls into a fire to bake them and observe their skill as they wield paintbrushes to bring a blush on an earthen cheek.


Ever wondered how the home of the first citizen of India looks like! The Government has launched three circuit tours to explore the premises of Rashtrapati Bhawan and marvel at the 340 acres of the palace. Located on the western end of the Rajpath in New Delhi, the Rashtrapati Bhavan is the official residence of the President of India which was originally built with the intent of serving as the Viceroy’s House. The premises of the Palace have been divided into three circuits and can be accessed at specific times slots during the day. A guided tour around the place reveals many interesting facts and stories about this heritage palace. From here enjoy the view of India.


 An ancient monument located in the heart of New Delhi; Agrasen ki Baoli is a historical stepwell built by Maharaja Agrasen in 14th Century and now maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. The element used to build this well was red sandstone. It was believed that the Baoli of 108 steps with carved chambers and passages was constructed to serve as a reservoir of water.


A walk across Fort Kochi to discover the beauty of this place and knowing why from millennia this place has attracted travelers from around the world. Listen to the enthralling stories of the explorers and the fascinating journeys that they undertook to reach the coastline. We perceive and discover the tales of the Spice Trade and its influence on the culture and the local cuisine. Start the tour in Fort Kochi from a 500-year-old structure, Vasco House and finish at a local joint in Mattancherry for local tea and enjoying a lovely sunset at the Chinese Fishing net.


Located in Kochi itself; the historic Tripunithura is the seat of power for the Kochi Royal family from where they ruled the region for centuries being the capital of the Kingdom of Kochi where the descendants of the royal family still live. The walk will start from the Hill Palace Museum, a 150 years old palace and then explore the 100 years old residential quarters of the royal family and discover the unique complexes of royal residences where the members of the royal family reside even to this day. Meet the local traditional craftsmen who flourished under the royal patronage. We will meet the members of the royal family in their traditional home and interact with the hosts.