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Want to Experience India Like a Local? Hit the Road

Road vacations are one of the best ways to satisfy your desire for adventure while also breaking up the routine. The easiest method to get away from stress and drama is to simply pack your belongings, start your engines, and fly away. The roads that run the length and width of India’s vast geography will not only help you feel as if you’re driving through a massive cultural museum, but they’ll also allow you to see some truly unique sights that make for great on-road adventures which can only be had in India. India was made for the phrase “the journey is the destination.” Every step of your journey across the subcontinent is loaded with sights, sounds, and experiences that will overwhelm your senses and challenge all you thought you understood about travel. Another benefit of a road trip is the entire ability to stop wherever you want for as long as you want. During road travels, the serendipity of travel comes into play when you come across places and experiences that you had not planned for. Nothing beats road travels in India when it comes to sheer range of experiences. Here are a few things that you will get to experience while on a road trip in India.

Authentic Food on the Way

On a road trip, you will be able to sample food that is truly original and local in flavour. You can always stop at one of the many dhabas, roadside booths, and small cafés that serve some of the best food in the country. Every kitchen uses different techniques and uses local ingredients, and as your adventure progresses, you’ll be eating hot food created right in front of your eyes. Instant hot lunch is a welcome break from the cold and a powerful motivator to push farther ahead! You will not only get to sample roadside food and street stalls as you go, but you will also be treated to full-fledged buffets and regional specialties.

Get to know about the culture

India is a land of varied cultures, with each state having its own way of life, cuisine culture, festivals, and work ethic. When you go to different parts of India, you learn about many new things that you were previously unaware of. Domestic tourists love to participate in adventure activities, eat authentic cuisine, wear unique clothing, and buy handicrafts. There are many hidden treasures in India that you have never visited and may not even be aware of. More than foreign territory, many of those sites and areas are exotic, interesting, and fantastic.

Visiting the villages of India

Visiting the different gorgeous villages is the only way to see the real India. Tourists on a village tour in India get up and personal with the local civilizations that have thrived for thousands of years. Travellers wanting a true sense of India should visit its ancient villages, which still offer a glimpse of age-old culture and traditions. Many settlements dot the area, providing a delightful vacation in the midst of supreme calm and awe-inspiring scenery. As a result, village tourism in India is becoming increasingly popular among both foreign and domestic tourists.

Crazy traffic of the country

When talking about a road trip we can definitely not miss the crazy traffic in the country. If you are taking the roads, you are definitely going to visit the crazy traffic of the country. India being the second most populated country in the world has a huge number of vehicles on the roads, sometimes making it impossible to cover even a kilometre in an hour! So, if you are out on the roads to visit the country like a local you can definitely gear up to visit the traffic. 

Cow sight-seeing

Watching cows roaming around in every part of the country is not surprising at all. You can see all sorts of cows on the streets, roads and everywhere be it a wild cow or a domestic one, sometimes the herd makes it difficult for you to cross the path! So be prepared to visit a lot of cows on your tour. 

Explore the local markets

Visit regional marketplaces away from the tourist traps of well-known tourist destinations. You would be able to connect and skip the exorbitantly priced usual routes thanks to this unique manner of seeing the nation. It wouldn’t hurt to be able to appreciate a brief diversion. The task is likely to be accomplished with some planning, hiring a real tour guide, or even getting some helpful, trustworthy local assistance. So go ahead.

Forget the Google Maps

Wait till you visit India if you believe it’s nearly impossible to get lost in this day and age of Google maps, online cab services, and the digital world. It is relatively simple to become lost in the area due to the confusing and chaotic nature of India’s highways, which are made much more challenging by the frequent parades, detours, and bandhs. In India, the majority of shops and establishments have door or plot numbers that are not consecutive. So don’t just give your driver the address slip or map position, or rely only on Google Maps. In India, crowdsourcing is most effective; just pause and ask for instructions (stop early and often). Almost everyone you come across on the road will be delighted to give you instructions.

Come across the local festivals

Due to the wide variety of people who live here, India has festivities every single day of the year. As the nation transforms into a stunning eventful paradise, taking part in such events allows you to enrich your trip experience and gives you a unique opportunity to live and experience the rich authentic Indian culture up close.

Get ready to walk a little

Not every site is reachable by car; occasionally using your feet also makes sense. Walking around the streets will enable you to take note of and record some of the most fascinating experiences of your journey, allowing you to discover the hidden areas of India. Walk through the busy or quiet streets, take in the roar of the traffic or the peace of a moonlit city promenade, or even explore a village on foot while carrying a camera to document the lesser-known areas of India. The undiscovered areas of India have a special appeal that can only be reached by walking through them.

Listen to multiple languages

India is a country with a large number of different cultures. You will experience a lot of languages in every part of the country. Hit the road, talk to people to know about the country and you’ll have first-hand experience at the variety of languages! 

Dent Roads and Speed Breakers

All the roads in India are not perfect for a smooth drive. You will see multiple broken roads, kacche raste, and roads filled with water and mud. Along with this you will also come across the crazy big speed breakers that can potentially break your car or head if you don’t speed down on the breakers!

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