5 Best Tours of India

A country with geographical and climatic dissimilarities, where the desert heats the land while at the same time, snow in Himalayan villages freezes the life; India is a country of uniqueness and the exceptional cultural diversity which fascinates everyone and invites them to immerse in the enchanting atmosphere. From one of the ancient living cities to world-class metro cities, forts dating back to 15th – 16th centuries to forests where several endangered wildlife flourishes, this country boasts of an impressive heritage which is worth exploring.
India is a massive country which takes a lifetime to explore it. But we have handpicked 5 best tours of India which will lead you through the ancient alleyways of Delhi to Western Ghats of South, traversing through the imperial state of Rajasthan to the cold desert of Ladakh. You will be enthralled as you witness the colourful festivals and unique wildlife of India.

1. Discover Rajasthan

Silent hallways suffused with silvery moonlight, filtering through ornate balconies, now and then coming alive with the delicate footfalls of a comely maiden and the swish of her “Ghaghara” (Indian skirt), seeking her beloved: images that make up romantic tales since the first one was narrated by some animated village raconteur to a rapt audience on an equally silent tropical night; his voice betraying every emotion of that anxious girl!
Hushed corridors and frightened young women, sneaking out of their homes to meet their lovers, are metaphors used by the tellers of romances all over the world. But the settings in Rajasthan make it appear as if all that happened nowhere but here! Sand dunes bathed in moonlight, palm trees swaying gently in the midnight breeze, anxious lovers whispering undying love for each other in deep shadows cast by imposing forts standing stoically, keeping a timeless vigil, as the inhabitants sleep soundly within all scenes from Rajasthan a land that has chivalry and romance seeping out from every grain of sand. What better place for a celebratory break for the newlyweds and the evergreen romantic!

2. Discover Ladakh & Kashmir

On this remarkable Himalayan Journey in Ladakh and Kashmir, you will experience gracious hospitality by our genuinely passionate and professional team. It is this innovative program that allows you to take gentle nature and heritage walks for those engaging moments to meet the local people and understand their way of simple life, to share a cup of tea with a heavy laughter.
Also delve deeper into the universal message of love and compassion preached by the great master of yore. This contrasting trip from the high altitude barren and rugged Ladakh to the gentle green paradise valley of Kashmir promises to be a transformative journey of a lifetime!
The visits and sightseeing are specially crafted that would be led by top quality expert and knowledge guides who have a sense of humor to make the holiday a memorable and fun-filled journey.
Attention to details, like selecting a fantastic scenic spot for a picnic lunch, outdoor breakfast in nature, relishing local cuisine in a traditional restaurant, visiting a family, artists and craftsmen and throwing a pleasant surprise is the special edge that our team has mastered over the years. Carefully selected charming accommodations that are owner/family run add great value and style to this holiday.

3. Discover Karnataka and Malabar Kerala

Kolkata-Darjeeling-Tonglu- Kala Pokhri-Sandakphu-Phalut-Gorkhey-Rambik-Kalimpong-Guwahati-Kaziranga NP-Kolkata
Discover the hidden gems of the historical Deccan Plateau dotted with splendid UNESCO World Heritage Sites from the medieval era of Chalukya & Vijayanagar Empire. The massive wealth and power of the Vijayanagar Empire have been revealed through several archaeological excavations. Making your base in Chikmagalur, visit the Hoysala architectural masterpieces of Belur and Halebid. Explore the tropical jungles teeming with exotic wildlife in a well-preserved Kabini National park. Walk in the fragrant coffee plantation of Wayanad. Interact for engaging moments with local tribal people for a friendly experience to enjoy their simple hospitality.
A fascinating visit to the Royal Palace in Mysore especially in the evening when it is lit in spectacular lights is a sight to behold. A visit to spice and incense market and insightful time at sacred old temples makes the sightseeing rich and colourful. Driving over the beautiful Western Ghats, this tour concludes at the glorious golden beach of Malabar for few days of relaxation at a tranquil eco beach resort in the unspoiled coast of Kerala. Here you will also enjoy a lovely romantic cruise onboard, a traditional houseboat in the magical backwaters.

4. Discover Karnataka and Malabar Kerala

Mumbai-Hubli-Badami-Hampi- Chikmagalur-Mysore-Kabini-Wayanad-Payyannur-Neeleshwar-Mangalore-Mumbai
Our journey begins with a whirlwind tour of Mumbai and quickly moves to Madhya Pradesh (Central India) Kipling Country. This is the land of Jungle Book, where the descendants of Sheer Khan the tiger still prowl. For many observers, this is the true land of the tiger: not only does it have the highest tiger population in India; it also has some of the most exciting habitats anywhere in the tiger’s range.
The open barking deer watches you pass; sambar seems immense and dark shadows cast by huge trees, as giant squirrels hop from branch to branch in their dense canopies; racquet-tail drongos shrill loudly and flash their peculiar tails; everywhere one senses the presence of the tiger and expects to encounter it around each corner.

5. Discover Central India, Madhya Pradesh

Kolkata-Darjeeling-Tonglu- Kala Pokhri-Sandakphu-Phalut-Gorkhey-Rambik-Kalimpong-Guwahati-Kaziranga NP-Kolkata
On this tour, we will travel past picturesque terraced fields, orchards, forests of rhododendrons and magnolias, and visit atmospheric monasteries. All this is set against the backdrop of the third highest mountain peak in the world – Kangchendzonga – that dominates the azure Himalayan skyline; we then take a short flight to Guwahati and transfer to Kaziranga for few days to explore its wildlife in open jeeps and on elephants.
A tour like this is certainly bliss for everyone. Passing through the scenic beauty of Himalayas, getting close to the culture and traditions of the locals, spending nights in the tent; this lifetime experience shouldn’t be missed. One of the most beautiful hill stations India has been bestowed with, Darjeeling is all wrapped in the lush mattress of greenery and surrounded by the mists from the mountains.
India is a myriad of customs and sacred rituals. The extraordinary cultural and traditional heritage of the country is deeply embedded in the narrow streets of rural villages as well as the fast moving lifestyle of the country. Travelling from top to the bottom not only explains to you how a country with so much of diversity has been standing proud since time immemorial but will also offer you an opportunity to understand what makes India incredible. Pick a tour, pack your bags and jump into a pool of exceptional holidays throughout India, Nepal, Bhutan and Srilanka with us. We will turn your dreams into reality.

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