Stok Palace – Ladakh

Stok Palace – Ladakh

About Ladakh

Life comes to a halt in this Buddhist kingdom tucked far away from the modernity and heavy commercialization. The innocent faces of monks brimming with happiness and amiability of the local people makes one forget the rest of the world. The cerulean lakes, wind whooshing, enchanting music of the monasteries, Ladkah is a timeless beauty.  The union territory of Ladakh located an elevation of 7,742m is enthroned with mighty Himalayan Mountains, drenched with Buddhist philosophy imbibed in the culture and tradition existing here since time immortal. With mystic ambiance and mysterious folklores, Ladakh’s environment tests the vigor with harsh natural dissimilarities having high altitudes with unfavorable conditions to its extreme. With a well-chiseled geography best suited for photography, zig-zag roads perfect suited for biking, night glittering with stars best for camping, Ladakh is a renowned tourist hotspot.

About Stok Palace Heritage

Rich in heritage, built by the mighty Namgyal dynasty in 1820, interiors and exterior brimming with Ladakhi culture, this hotel is a heavenly abode in Ladakh. Around 200 years old, this fort has been narrating the stories of its glorious past. In the year 1980, the gates of the property were opened for guests under the guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Every corner of the palace reflects the royal past and lifestyle of the Namgyal dynasty which is located in the scenic beauty of Indus River, the hotel is still under the ownership of Namgyal family. The royal apartments, multi-level courtyards, immaculate upper floor with a temple, balconies with traditional designs, etc. everything makes this property holds a unique magnetism.

Facilities and Activities

The hotel is well packed with bunch of recreational facilities. On request, cultural shows can be arranged. The guests can also request for river rafting in the Indus Valley. Camel riding and horse riding, bird watching and museum visits can also be arranged as per the guests’ desire. There is also a session with the monks where the guests can spend some time with the resident monks and can see the art of hand-designing sacred amulets. You can even buy one for yourself or to gift someone. With many opportunities to immerse in Ladakhi Buddhist culture, the guests can take part in traditional customs at the Lhakchung (Buddhist temple).


Divided into four storeys, the interior of the palace is gracefully filled with colours of heritage and culture. Based on a narrow hilltop, standing from the balcony, the guests can enjoy panoramic views of the Indus valleys. A fine composition of luxury with art and custom, the hotel provides 4 standards rooms along with The Queen’s Room and The Royal Suite. There is no facility of AC, Wi-Fi, intercom or TVs in the rooms as well as the hotel doesn’t practice use of plastic.
Standard Suite Rooms
Located in different portions of the palace, every room (total 4 in number), are intricately designed. Soaked in Ladakhi simplicity, these rooms are packed with ensuite bathrooms with good space.
The Queen’s Room
As the name suggests, this room is loaded with the vibe of a glorious history of Namgyals. The place has been renovated to bring back the elegance of the queen from the past. Another delight of the room is its balcony which faces the Indus valley.
The Royal Suite
This suite clearly reflects its name in terms of its ambiance. Decorated with pastel shades mixed in combination with mud-bricks and wooden fittings, the enchanting interior of the suite fills the space with Ladakhi aura. The suite has a dressing area, sitting area with a comfortable bedroom.


Immerse in a holistic dining experience at Stok Palace Hotel. The in-house chefs of the hotel are well experienced in cooking and preparing all major cuisine including traditional Tibetan, Ladakhi, Indian, and several other cuisines.  The hotel serves delectable breakfast on the rampart of the palace so that the guests can cherish the views of the Indus valley while relishing on the meal. There are dedicated places for lunch and the hotel also lets its guests understand the traditional dining method at the dinner at the Old Royal Kitchen.


The nearest airport is in Leh at a distance of 16Km.
Jammu railway station is at a distance of 643km.