Jamtara Wilderness Camp

Jamtara Wilderness Camp – Madhya Pradesh

About Pench National Park

Pench National Park or Pench Tiger Reserve is considered to be one of the most premier national parks and tiger reserves of India. Spreading across Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, the national park Pench is generally taken as the area of Madhya Pradesh in Southern border. Full of flora and fauna, the national park is home to some of the famous species including jungle cat dhole, Indian leopard, Bengal tiger, striped hyena, golden jackal, sloth, small Indian civet as well as chousingha, wild pig, sambar are also found roaming in this tropical moist deciduous tiger habitat.

About Jamtara Wilderness Camp

Jamtara, a small village adjacent to Pench National Park, is known for its Jamtara Wilderness Camp. A total of 10 luxury tents well furnished and equipped host the guests who come here from different locations of the globe to experience the incredible wildlife of India. Located in the middle of the jungle, covered by massive Arjuna trees, the camps are drenched in the natural vibes of wilderness where the guests get a chance to come close to the surrounding nature. Overlooking the jungle, all the tent-rooms are designed in a way to impart the true experience of the primeval forest.


• Surrounded by the uninhabited wildlife, there are several forest activities to which can give an adrenaline rush to the guests.
• Jungle Safari: Moving into the woods and witness the unique flora & fauna is an exciting experience which is exclusively designed.
• Village Walk: Take a walk to Jamtara village and interact with the local people and know their lifestyle.
• Nature Walk: Take a guided tour of Pench National Park to come across with hidden secrets of the park.
• Bicycles: The host can arrange bicycle and the guests can ride and     explore the natural beauty of the area on their own.
• Bird-watching: Say hi to the feathered hosts of the national park and see them scaling the heights of the sky.


This wilderness camp enables the guest to have a surreal experience of Jungle Book by getting close to nature. All the luxurious tents are designed and decorated with the surrounding theme. The tents have ample room with natural light coming in the fill the space and provide complete privacy to the guests. Though the beds are inside the tented-rooms, guests can even sleep outside under the star-lit sky on the patio. The beds will be covered with mosquito-nets so that the guests can enjoy uninterrupted, sound sleep. Spending time here in the middle of the jungle connects the guests with Nature. 


Relishing delectable cuisine surrounded by pure wilderness is an out of the world experience. The heart-warming hospitality of Jamtara Wilderness Camp ensures that the guests will get to have a memorable stay. Waking up to the soothing music of nature and energizing by a cup of tea every morning is truly incredible. The breakfast and lunch prepared on the site are tempting enough to trigger the taste buds whereas the real magic takes place when the sun takes a nap and the area gets painted with black colour with stars like diamonds in the sky. The dinner in such an environment has a once in a lifetime experience. Evening tea and snacks are always ready to be served.


All the 10 rooms in the shape of tents are packed with all the amenities so that the guests can have a peaceful stay. Outdoor bedding facilities (covered with mosquito nets) enables the guests to enjoy moments in the serenity of nature painted with the darkest colours of the night dotted with glittering stars. There is a swimming pool at the campsite; guests can swim and refresh themselves in the wilderness.


Nagpur is the nearest airport at a distance of 138km and it takes around 4hours to reach here. The nearest railway station located around 50km away at Chhindwara Station.